2019 is promising loads of great things but the the greatest of them all has to be the 49th edition of the international Oktopus Tournament. World-famous in the Southern regions of the Netherlands, the Oktopus Tournament will become more than fantastic this year. And ofcourse we want to make this happen with you!

Registrations are opened and we hope to see your team name pass by as quickly as possible!   


The program is like any other year so if you’re familiar at our tournament you might know what’s ahead of you!

Friday May 24 : arrival teams and department to the pub route in the city centre of Eindhoven (Stratumseind).
Saturday May 25: arrival teams, (hangover)breakfast, matches, lunch, matches, dinner and the amazing tournament party!
Sunday May 26: (hangover)breakfast, matches, lunch, matches, finales and the (always-underappreciated) prize ceremony!
Sleeping accommodations are arranged for both Friday and Saturday night in either the sportscenter or the amazing campsite setup by us!   

Beachhandball tournament

White-sanded beaches and sun rays is what we all want and that’s why we once again organize a Beachhandball tournament. This year we decided to change the concept of the tournament and call it a Beach-Friends-Tournament! Meaning that everyone is welcome to join experienced or not! This way we try to promote the tournament as more relaxed and fun overal!

Wait what? Do you want to combine the regular tournament and beach??
That’s no problem! We encourage teams to participate in as many activities on our tournament. Do take in consideration that your team will play quite some more though!   


And how much will all this nice cost? For just €30,- p.p. you can enjoy the historic event! In this are included the following:

  • Meals
  • Bar crawl
  • Sleeping accommodations

The Beach tournament is only € 25,-!

And to make things even better we once again introduce the early-bird-discount! Register before the 1st of April and save €5,- p.p!


The registrations are opened so do feel free to scroll back up and press the “Register here” button!

You don’t want to be the last of the pack and miss out on the early-bird-discount! And like every year FULL = FULL!
Here are some links for the registrations
Register soon because full = full!
For questions you may always contact us on: Oktopustoernooi@outlook.com.
Early-bird-discount ends on the 1st of April. Registrations closes on the 10th of May.  


Just like last year, every team has to pay a 20 euro deposit that will be returned after the tournament if your sleeping place is clean.


You better be training your Tarzan-cries and vine swinging skills since you will need these on the 24th, 25th and 26th of May!

The 49th Oktopus tournament won’t be just wild but jungle-wild!
“More extreme environments are hard to find in the Netherlands, maybe even Europe!” said Bear Grylls.
As some of you might know this year’s theme will be:
Jungle: Survival of the Littest!
This wild environment craves for wild adventures, wild stories and wild parties! Discover Eindhoven and her beauties as a world explorer or hunt down all preys as one of the many wild beasts!
We would love to see you all on the 24th of May on behalf of the 49th Tournament committee,
Evelien, Pepijn, Judie, Mauro, Martijn, Jana, Joris en Tessa
*For minors in teams apply different rules considering the Bar crawl. Please contact us beforehand if this applies to you/your teammate at Oktopustoernooi@outlook.com